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LED|NIR Red Light & Infrared Heat Therapy Fitness Studio



 Infrared Heated Fitness Studio


The same killer classes just got HOT!

Infrared Heat Therapy

What is it and why it's better? Not all heat is equal. Our far radiant infrared panels heat the object (you) rather than heating and circulating the air around you. They provide an efficient, lower temerature heat that allows you to stay comfortable, giving your body more time to release waste and toxins from the system. The lower temperature and softer heat make it easier on your heart and lungs causing less stress on the cardiovascular system without compromising any of the benefits. The BURN is next level, only smarter.

Healthy Heat

Far infrared heat is the safest and most effective form of heating the body. By heating objects and not the air, infrared heat increases circulation and supports the body's natural processes for eliminating waste, lactic acid and environmental toxins.

Health Benefits

Promotes cellular growth, augments weight loss by increasing calorie burn, increases and improves circulation and detoxification, improves muscular and heart health, reduces cancer risks, clears skin issues, promotes better sleep, fights diabetes, reduces pain. 

HotBox Policy

Clients will be required to bring their own mats and towels for all classes in the HOTBOX. No exceptions.