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LED|NIR Red Light & Infrared Heat Therapy Fitness Studio


What our clients are saying!

Feel the LOVE

Ashley K.

“Burn is truly a collective of the absolute best instructors on the island - no matter what class I take, I know I will get a killer workout! The instructors are personable and really do care about you and your fitness goals. The red lights in the studio make all the difference - from recovery to results. I have been working out with Maria for the past 7 years and she has helped me maintain my fitness goals through every life changing event (wedding, pregnancies and overall health). I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!

Brenda M

Burn Collective is like nothing I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve tried everything)! The workouts are targeted for specific results, classes are small enough for individual instruction and focus on form, the classes are fun and exciting and different every time, and I ALWAYS feel the burn! The infrared heat is amazing! Maria even texts me to make sure I stay accountable and get my butt to class! I’m addicted!

Savannah O.

BURN Collective is a transformative experience for both the body and mind. I leave every class feeling inspired and motivated for the next. No matter which class you take, you will see results- iRest for the mind and Burn45 for the booty!

Moani H.

Health and wellness is a huge passion of mine and working out is something I enjoy and let’s face it who doesn’t love starting there day with crushing a killer workout?! Burn collective has worked wonders on my body. From the infrared led light, booty bands, weights, and focusing on isolating different muscles it’s a combo you get go wrong with. Maria makes every class fun and she is a pure inspiration to me. Proud to be apart of the burn gang!

Kaui K. 

I’ve been following Maria’s workouts since the opening of burncollective earlier this year and it’s exactly the kind of studio Hawaii needed! Both her burn45 and ISO workouts target all the areas you know need love and then the ones you didn’t even know existed. It’s 45 mins of constant movement under infrared light that leaves you dripping in sweat. I appreciate instructors who know what their doing and Maria is just that! She does the entire workout right along side with you, making everything “seem” so effortless. Original and challenging workouts - just when you think you know what to expect she switches it up.

Sasha M.

I have been attending Maria’s (HIIT) BURN45 classes over the years. I was so excited when she took the leap of faith and opened her amazing Burn Collective studio. Not only is it one of the most clean and beautiful studios on island it’s filled with aloha. Maria and the other instructors truly care about the people who are coming through their doors. They care about their health and well being. The classes are challenging and deliver results. I would encourage any friend to experience the BuRn and aloha at BURN Collective Hawaii.

Catherine K.

Burn collective is a place where I feel comfortable working out with no judgement. I get an intense workout in a modern clean facility in a short amount of time. Most of all I go to support a local business owner whom is kind and genuine, whom makes me feel at home in her studio.

Paisley C.

“I have been taking Maria’s Burn 45 class for years and I’m so happy that she finally has her own studio! The range of classes that she now offers is suitable for everyone from the most advanced athlete to the 8 month preggo like me! The waterfront location is just the cherry on top!”

Sandee B.

I have been taking Maria’s Burn45 class for over 3 years and it has kept my weight down and completely changed my physique. It has given me the most effective long lasting results I have even seen! 

Anjalee M.

I am so lucky to have found The Burn Collectiive!

It is a beautiful studio with red light/heat therapy! If that wasn’t enough the classes are the best I’ve ever taken, and I’ve tried a lot of different ones. My favorite is Maria’s Burn45. It has everything you need for a full body workout. I also love Keli's Sculpt and Burn. Another killer Full body workout! Oh, and the ISOBurn! There’s a class for everyone at Burn Collective! I personally have never been in better shape since this place!!! I highly recommend!!!!!

Te'ana B.

Burn45 and Isoburn taught my Maria Chase is one of the most challenging and structured class I’ve taken. I switched to her class about three years ago and have seen the best results. Every class is different but you always know she’ll hit the booty! Every class is done under red light and the list of benefits are amazing 🙌🏼 Burn45 and Isoburn is my favorite class and I hope everyone tries it!! 🍑💪🏼

Kyla H.

Working out at BURN Collective has been the best experience. I’ve been taking classed there for a few months and I can honestly say that the LED Red light therapy is a game changer. My muscles feel so much better the following day. Maria’s Burn45 class has been the most challenging and rewarding HIIT class I’ve ever taken. I’ve taken many HIIT classes before, but this class has me dead every time. Chi who is also a Burn45 instructor kills it with great music and tabata sessions in her routine. She keeps your body moving and booty growing!

The facilities are so clean and the mirrors are perfect for that after workout selfie! I like that the classes are small because you are guaranteed enough space for yourself to workout. Burn Collective is like a little Ohana, we are constantly supporting each other to achieve our best selves.

Chelyn Y.

I’ve been taking Maria’s HIIT style class for around 3 years now. It’s become an integral part of my life for many reasons.

It’s effective.

It’s challenging.

It’s FUN.

Truth is I just can’t stop going.

It’s highly addictive.

I always walk out of her studio feeling better, physically & mentally. It’s unlike any other workout I’ve done. I’m obsessed with her BURN45 class mixed with IsoBurn!

What I also love is the mix of people that take classes at BURN Collective. You can feel the good vibes every time you walk into class ❤️”

Jennifer B.

 I have never been one to like online anything as I love that in person vibe. But...Quarantine forced me to find options and through a dear friend I found the BURN Collective and it literally saved me. I can honestly say I almost did a workout everyday with Maria and most recently Chi. I loved the challenge and the sweat. I so look forward to the future with Maria and her BURN gang